Workout Machine Intimidation

This morning started as many do with a cup of hot coffee and my new favorite egg wrap. The wrap is really simple and I’ve been eating it almost every morning for weeks. I guess that sounds a little boring, but I tend to eat the same foods repeatedly and then move on to something new. I lightly scramble 2 eggs plus one more egg white in coconut oil and put it all together. I have a crush on these brown rice wraps from my favorite Joe.

Brown Rice Wraps

I feel like a lot of women get criticized in the gym world for only doing cardio. I think it is more that a lot of times we do not know what do with weights or weight machines that lead us to simply hopping on the elliptical or treadmill. We tend to want to stick to a familiar safety zone. It is pretty simply to choose one of these cardio pieces and find a pace or a program and go at it for a half hour or however long you really choose. I found it took me a really long time to not be intimidated by the thought of people watching me workout or adjusting a machine. Sometimes that is still my biggest challenge! The pins get stuck and what’s a girl to do? I have been using more machines in my workouts as of late because my chiropractor had advised me against free weights due to that pesky shoulder injury that’s been the bane of my existence.

My workout was really simple last night and featured the leg press, prone leg curl, incline bench and the 45 degree hyper. 45 degree what? I had no idea what any of these things were years ago and that is why I stuck to the treadmill. But alas no one can really get fit walking on the treadmill alone. Machines can actually be quite useful. It is important to discover the right set up and weight that works for you. Perhaps plan a trip to the gym where you’re not really there to workout, but simply to learn how to use the machines. Certainly do not be embarrassed by a lack of knowledge. It’s a process for all of us, and pretty much everyone working out is just really worried about themselves. Is this not true of most things we worry about?

These are some exercises that were part of workout last night with some links to demonstrations:

Leg Press – You can actually handle more weight that you think on the leg press so do not be afraid to push outside of your comfort zone. For example, I used 65 pounds total in plates, but did a lot of volume here for a total of 77 reps.

Prone Leg Curl – This is a new one for me and I really like it for my hamstrings. It is not easy folks! Or at least I don’t find it to be. I’m recently up to 40 pounds and did 3 sets of 13.

Incline Reverse Crunch – Unfortunately crunches and the like are not always enough to work your abs. I’ve been working out a while and you do start to adjust to certain exercises. They just do not work the same way anymore. So this forces the abs work to harder through an incline but without adding weight.

45 Degree Hyper – Yes, it’s actually a piece of equipment. You simply lean into it – I put it on the lowest setting (I’m about 5’5’’) and there are different options you can use. You can use weights of course but since I have been avoiding extra weight I will put my arms at my chest or behind my head. You’d be surprised at how many people use this thing! Who knew? I am constantly giving people the stink eye when they try to sneak in and take it from me. Ok…I do not really do that, but I am thinking it. An internal stink eye?

Have a marvelous Thursday!

Question of the Day: What exercise machine intimidates you the most?

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