Walking Lunges & Simple Abundance

Holy blizzard Batman! I know we are all probably over talking about the weather, but last night into early morning was a bit rough here in New Jersey. Even with the snow though I was determined to get out and go to the gym since I already had taken the past two days off.

I warmed up with about 10 minutes of cardio on the arc trainer (which is similar to an elliptical) as well as some foam rolling. I “heart” the foam roller and it always hurts a bit in the best possible way.

After my warm up, I headed to the Advanced Training Area – very fancy don’t you think? I followed the below routine and added in walking lunges between each superset of exercise. This was my plan and it roughly took an hour or so to complete:

  • Walking Lunges 2×24 steps (stretch hamstrings in-between)
  • Horizontal Back Extension on the Glute Ham Developer 3 sets x10 reps
  • Free Weight Leg Press with 60 lbs 3 sets x16 reps (I snapped this pic because I could not believe how rude it was that the last person did not put their weights away -  there’s a million pounds on this thing!)

2014-01-19 18.32.52

  • Walking Lunges 2×24 steps
  • Incline Bench Reverse Crunch (25 each side for 50 total)
  • 45 degree hyper (30 total)
  • Walking Lunges 2×24 steps

My hamstrings tend to get incredibly tight so I liked adding in the stretches throughout my workout. I finished with a little more light cardio on the elliptical and headed out for the day! I love workouts like this because they really fly by fast. Below are links to some of the exercises if you are not familiar.

We are already almost a month into the New Year (about 3 weeks) and one of my resolutions was to go back to the practice of Simple Abundance. For a long time, I used to read the daily message and keep a journal of five gratitude items that I would write down each night before going to sleep.


The items sometimes became a little repetitive and maybe that’s why I lost the habit. The book was written years ago by Sara Ban Breathnach and provides wonderful quotes as well as some real insight into the abundance we already possess in our lives. It serves as a reminder for me to see the word through a positive lens which helps especially during times when nothing appears to be going right.  And yes, some days you are just happy for a glass of red wine and some chocolate. Or maybe that’s just me.

Have a wonderful evening!

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