The Resolution Itch

We are about 6 weeks out from the hope of a “fresh start” or the list of resolutions that were composed on New Year’s Day. According to most research, working out and eating healthy are typically the desires of many. However, by now most people have already dropped off from their goals. I have been guilty of it in the past as well, but I do not think I have ever really stopped to consider why. It sort of just happens, right?

This year one of my mom’s goals was to eat healthier and that included giving up the devil himself – Diet Coke. Well, my mom explained to me the other day that she was already tired of it. She missed soda and honestly did not really feel any better. I kind of laughed because it seemed like she was hoping for such a quick turn-around. It got me thinking though about why most of us throw in the towel so easily when it comes to getting fit for the new year.

We’ve cleared out our refrigerator, purchased a gym membership and given up French Fries, but the transformation just isn’t happening as quickly as we would like. Everyone views such things as a sacrifice rather than looking at the fact these healthier choices will compound over time and lead to other better decisions.  You may not see a huge difference after a month of going to the gym, but consistency is really the key. For example, you go to the gym two days after work and it becomes not so hard to add in a 3rd day. Then going to a class on the weekend seems like something that you could work into your schedule. These changes are lifestyle changes and cannot be viewed as a quick fix. I think what really needs to be adjusted is our attitude. If we see our choices as being connected to health rather than vanity I think it’ll be a little easier to see the big picture. One round on the treadmill and a salad for lunch will not give you rock hard abs, but it will make you feel better and will count towards better quality of life. After all, we’re here for a while. We might want to take care of the only body we are going to get.


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