4/4: Friday’s Favorite Things

Another end to the week! While I still look forward to weekends time has felt a little different for me since I am not doing the 9-5 gig. When you work in corporate America it is all about the weekend. Frequent topics of conversation include what you did the past weekend and what your plans could be for the upcoming weekend. It’s a lot of pressure to come up with fun plans!  I am really excited to be attending the Paleo FX Conference next weekend. It’ll be three days of speakers, workshops and networking. I’ll be sure to give a full recap of my experience here.

Contigo – It is no secret at all that I am a huge fan of coffee. However, it has taken me years to find a travel coffee mug that does not leak all over me. I swear I find random coffee stains on my clothes all the time and my car – oops. These mugs appear to be spill proof and come in tons of fun colors. They are easy to order by way of Amazon too.


Liquid Coconut Oil – One of my to-do posts is to write up an explanation of why you should or should not be cooking with certain oils. For years everyone though olive oil and vegetable oils were the healthiest things out there. However, it’s come to light that olive oil is really only a beneficial fat if it is not heated (i.e. a salad dressing). I almost always use coconut oil for my cooking, but the tricky thing about coconut oil is that it gets hard when it is not at a warm temperature. So I have bought several coconut sprays that keep hardening in the can and cannot be used. This has been super frustrating! The solution has been to purchase liquid coconut oil.

Liquid Coconut Oil

Bic Bands – I discovered these bands about a year ago when I saw them pop up on a bunch of different blogs. I kept buying headbands that would slip back while I was working out and it just was not cutting it for me. Bic Bands come in tons of styles and colors and I have a bunch I like to switch around. I find when I start to get a little tired of my work out clothes it adds a little pop of color too.

Bic Bands

Meyers Clean Day – I will admit that organic cleaning products do not work as well as the regular ones – at least for the most part. However, I hate the smell of most Clorox type cleansers because I feel like I am being poisoned. Yes, very dramatic for sure. I recently discovered Meyers Clean Day and the products are just awesome. The counter top spray works really well and offers an easy clean up option.

Meyers Clean Day

Question of the Day: What is one thing you are currently loving?

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  1. Ahh, I’m obsessed with Meyer’s Clean Day products! Thanks so much for linking up. Hope you have a great weekend! :)

    • They’re awesome! It helps me want to clean. :-) Thanks for hosting the link up and enjoy your weekend!

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